Connect Childcare’s existing software offered a solution for billing parents for childcare services however it was long, confusing and often gave inaccurate results leading to the help desk being inundated with customer calls for help. 

The main problem was that the current software presumed that one offering would suit all its users, yet in reality large nurseries, small nurseries and childminders (and afterschool clubs) each had very different demands. 

The main ux challenge was how could we balance the varied needs of our customers with those of the business who wanted a single solution that the technical team could build rapidly to meet an immovable product launch deadline. 

Lead UX Designer for an 8 month contract at Connect Childcare, a childcare software company that creates products for childminders, nurseries and afterschool clubs. I was tasked to help get their newest SAAS based product ‘Foundations’ to market.


To help identify the specific needs for each user type we conducted customer interviews. Using our findings we created empathy and experience maps for each user type to help make sense of our research and then brainstormed problem statements (asking ‘How might we…’). 

From this we began to sketch a solution that would become our MVP aimed at childminders and after school clubs. They needed a system that was ultra simple that eliminated the need to micromanage booking timetables for each child and flexible enough that they could add ad-hoc charges and deductions. I sketched out ideas and built a lo-fi rapid prototype which we tested with the target user group.

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The prototype feedback was overwhelmingly positive with each user saying ‘I would use this right away’ and ‘There’s nothing out there as easy as this’, validating that we had simplified the process enough to eliminate many of the pain points and blockers of the current software. 

Using the MVP as a base and working closely with the tech team, we successfully designed a scalable solution that could be tailored for our three user types, fulfilling the business requirement of reducing technical effort.

Several add on features were designed to satisfy our other key users needs such as offering nurseries the ability to automate batch and scheduled invoices, syncing with child bookings and registers, a funding and grants manager, and the ability to make amendments offering an accurate and fully trackable billing system.

The ParentZone app was improved to allow parents to receive and pay invoices and keep track of their payments. The app now seamlessly syncs with the software giving nursery managers confidence that accounts are up to date. 

Many of our target users had reverted back to paper billing. Our re-design brought those customers back online. This new digital process perfectly adapted to their business needs, reducing admin and accounting time, allowing them more time to spend with the children. Major pain points of the old software have been removed and calls to the help desk have reduced dramatically.

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