Building a Home in Georgia in 2023

Are you thinking about building a home in Georgia? It’s a very popular state these days! Whether you want to live close to family, a great job, or the unique experiences of the region, or the Deep South calls you for other reasons, Georgia is a fine place to settle. This beautiful state has it all, […]

Home Plans for Simple Living

Since 2020, the cost of building a new home has increased due to sudden increased demand for materials and labor. Why? People who lived in areas with greater population density suddenly wanted their own space, and that put a squeeze on the builders and supply chains. Many aspiring homeowners who planned to build had to […]

Top 5 East Coast Cities to Build in 2023

Where are the top 5 East Coast cities to build in 2023? The answer to this question is not an easy one because multiple things need to be considered. What is the average person looking for? The job market, commute to work, affordability, and quality of life are just a few contributing factors. Not surprisingly, the best places to […]


Architectural Design in the Dallas-Fort Worth area cannot be pigeonholed into one or two styles of architecture.  Offering city living along with the quiet suburban life, Dallas-Fort Worth offers an exciting mix of trendy and cowboy. Young professionals living in the city are looking for upscale, trendy multi-family properties to live in and help start […]

Cozy Spaces for Winter

The holidays are over and we’re all settling into the new year with new attitudes and resolutions. The winter season has only just begun as well, and it has already brought plenty of snow, rain, and blistering winds. From coast to coast and even down into the South, there could still be months of cold […]

Happy Homes for the Holidays!

Happy Holidays! Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Boxing Day, and New Year’s Eve—these are just some of the festivities that take place in the month of December. Each holiday brings its own observances, traditions, foods, and decorations. Depending on what you celebrate, the holidays last anywhere from one to eight nights, so you have ample opportunity to […]