Favorite Country House Plans for 2023

The country-style house plan encompasses all sorts of architecture originally used in rural locations. Similar to and loosely based on traditional farmhouse styles, you’ll find plenty of designs with simple lines and shapes. Others may have more European or cabin flair. This really is a diverse category! Country house plans often feature distressed/rustic elements, muted colors, […]

Tips for Building a Home in North Carolina

Desired for its wide variety of landscapes and diverse locales, North Carolina is one of the hottest home building markets in the country. This state offers the perfect combination of affordable land, lower home prices, low taxes, and high-paying jobs―no wonder it’s a great place to raise a family! If you’re considering a move to […]

Accessible House Plans

Perfect for folks of all ages and abilities, our accessible house plans answer to a wide array of needs! From basic open-concept designs to those with more specific features that address limited mobility, these homes all have something to appreciate. And with thousands to choose from, Direct From The Designers is your one-stop shop for […]

How to Upgrade Your New Home

There’s no better feeling than finding the home of your dreams… or is there? By following these simple steps, we will show you how to upgrade your new home to make it truly one-of-a-kind. With a plan tailor-made just for you, your house can be your own personal paradise. And it’s easier than you might […]

Beautiful Beach House Plans

Sand in your toes, sun rays beating down, cool water splashing nearby… If this sounds like heaven to you, then check out these beautiful beach house plans! There is something magically refreshing about time spent by the ocean. Whether you are looking to live there full time or simply have a vacation home, we have […]

House Plans with an Angled Garage

The location of a home’s garage can actually make or break a house plan for you. It comes down to your lot and access most of all, but also to style. If your lot allows, consider shopping house plans with an angled garage for the beauty and functionality that they offer! You’ll find that these […]

4 Advantages of ICF House Plans when Building a Home

In lieu of today’s unpredictable weather, it may be wise to think about investing in ICF house plans for the construction of your new home. In just 2017, four detrimental hurricanes touched down in the United States: Harvey, Irma, Jose, and Maria. Hurricane Harvey alone resulted in roughly $180 billion in damages, and recovery is […]

Protecting Homes from Wildfire Spread

by Kathy Ziprik, Staff Writer for DFDhouseplans.com All it takes is a spark. One ember carried on the wind that lands on a cedar shake roof. That’s when the troubles begin. A decade ago, homeowners outside of California probably would not have thought twice about selecting roofing materials that would resist the spread of wildfire. Not […]