Explore the Latest in Skylights & Roof Windows


Brighten your home with skylights from VELUX®, our architects’ top choice for natural illumination and ventilation. Consider operational models to optimize your indoor air quality!

Explore the Latest in Skylights & Roof Windows

Why You'll Love Sun Tunnel Skylights

VELUX Sun Tunnels

When you think of skylights, you probably imagine large, rectangular panes of glass in a vaulted ceiling. These may be the most popular type, but there’s a great wide world of skylight solutions out there to suit the full range of roof and ceiling pitches. VELUX Sun Tunnel® skylights are the most adaptable type overall-here's why they could be the natural lighting answer for your home.


Build a Healthier Home with Skylights

VELUX Skylights

The vast majority of us spend more time inside than we should. And it’s no wonder—you’ve never been able to do so much from home before. Indoor conditions aren’t usually optimal for well-being, though. Artificial lighting and stuffy air can wear on you both physically and mentally, so it’s important to get outside as much as you can. It’s also a great idea to build or renovate your home to provide a healthier living experience. Here’s how skylights improve some of the most important areas around the house!


Skylights for Different Roof & Ceiling Pitches

VELUX Solar Powered "Fresh Air" Skylights

Some people think that skylights can’t work for them due to the structure of their homes, but they’re actually surprisingly adaptable. No matter the pitch of your roof or the slope of the ceiling beneath it, you can find skylights to add plenty of natural light inside. Here are some of the different options to consider!


How to Virtually Try Skylights Before You Buy

VELUX Visualizer

When it’s hard to imagine how a design decision will affect your space, it’s easy to feel stuck and unable to commit. That’s especially true when you’re dealing with something that’s added to the structure of the house, but technology has a solution! You’ll find virtual try-on tools all across the web for all sorts of home building and décor items; some let you design on stock images and/or upload a picture of your own to work with, and a few take it a step further with augmented reality that uses a smart device’s camera to show you a live view of the changes as they would look right in front of you. Given the dynamic effect of skylights throughout the day, augmented reality is the only way to go!


Design a Better Bedroom with Skylights

VELUX Flat Roof Skylights

If your bedroom seems dreary, stuffy, and/or you have a hard time waking up, you could be missing some key elements for healthful rest. All too often, people focus so much on designing the major shared areas of a home that they overlook just how important it is to have a well-designed bedroom. A mainstay of living room design could even be the solution to common sleep woes—here’s why you should consider adding skylights to bedrooms, too!